Chris Potter

Chris Potter

Recent UK University Graduate, (Early Childhood Studies) with strong interpersonal skills, good experience within schools and also as a nanny with children aged from 2+. Very active and energetic, sporty and with a bubbly and engaging personality. Athletic and musical. Preference is for a mon-Fri role, up to 10 hours daily, but also happy to travel and work occasional weekends when needed. Salary expectation around €700-1000+ net weekly, depending on the role, duties, hours etc.

This excellent candidate has recently completed a contract in Dubai and she is keen to find a new adventure ASAP. She has an MSc in Nutrition and exercise, as well as a degree, and is a qualified nanny and certified teacher.

“I am a qualified nanny with a teaching certificate and happy to work with children of any ages. I believe I am a bubbly and happy person, with a positive outlook on life. I am reliable, adaptable and have a proactive attitude.”

This experienced candidate who has a passion for travel has worked for HNW private families in London, Cyprus and Dubai. Her excellent references and consistent employment reflecting a wonderful childcare career. Passionate about professional development, this candidate has a growth mindset and loves to see the children in her care thrive. Ready to interview now!

This lady (Ref 3008) is a behavioural specialist, focused on promoting positive behaviour throughout a career which has encompassed a range of schools, Royal and VIP families and other employers worldwide. She is now searching a new permanent role worldwide where her skills, qualification and considerable experience can be of benefit. Salary range c£200-300 per day)

‘’A well-mannered, articulate, and responsible being with a great deal of experience and interest in children, young adults, and their development. A confident person who is emotionally mature and possess high energy levels and an ability to develop close relationships with both children / adults and families. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to relate well with people at all age levels and converse in a polite and courteous manner. Able to work to an excellent standard under considerable pressure whilst presenting a positive image to others. Always respectful and understanding on all cultural and religious beliefs.

Keen to find a challenging position within a responsible employer where I will be able to continue to increase my work experience and develop my abilities.’’

Exceptional Private Chef, 5*+, Looking for permanent role in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or worldwide, Start ASAP

Extremely experienced and confident Private Chef searching for a new long-term challenge worldwide, Laurent has over 6 years’ experience as a Private Chef and many years working within 5* hotel environments to the highest standards. Confident with a very wide range of international cuisines, having worked worldwide including in UK, France, Switzerland, The Caribbean, USA, Gabon, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and other locations.

Food portfolio available, Expected salary c £7-8k/month for 5 days, £9-10k/month for 6 days pw.

As you develop as a career nanny there will naturally be things you’ll come to learn about yourself and your work. You’ll soon discover which age group of children you enjoy working with most, and what childcare approaches you align with. We know ‘niching down’ might sound a little corporate, but the reality is that being able to market yourself effectively as a nanny will ensure that your ideal family is able to find you.


It Allows you to Get Specific

Client’s love to get a quick snapshot of each candidates ‘nanny personality’ so maximize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by highlighting what sets you apart. For example, do you have a passion for Montessori education and more holistic child development approaches? If so, say it! This would lead a potential employer to gather a sense of your personality - gentle, calm and intuitive. If this is what the family is looking for then they will instantly want to short-list your application. Our clients come to us with a very specific idea of what they want from their nannies and the cost is not an issue. To our VIP clients the main priority is finding a perfect fit so let your niche be known.


It Builds Trust and Connection

As humans we love to connect through common ground - it builds rapport and a genuine feeling of connection. As great as nannies are at juggling many roles and responsibilities it’s impossible to be all things to all people. When you focus on what makes you unique it shows that you’re reflective in your practice and know who you are. Clients love to see this because if their nanny has a strong self of self then this will naturally influence the children in their care. Being vague creates disconnect whereas knowing your niche creates feelings of trust and sincerity.

Makes you Stand Out

In a competitive job market it’s important to take time to get your application right. If you are a Maternity Specialist for example, create a CV that focuses on serving the needs of that client group. Spend time adding to your skillset with additional professional development opportunities that set you apart from the competition. It takes courage to develop a niche as a nanny because it means not being suitable for a wide variety of roles but the massive plus is that you will become a specialist in your chosen area and attract your ideal placement.


Creates a Harmonious Work Environment

Isn’t it just great when everyone knows exactly what they’re doing? VIP/HNW households constantly strive for excellence in all aspects of household operations. Knowing your niche as a nanny helps you to do your job and deliver when it comes to client satisfaction. When you know your niche you’re able to maintain the level of professionalism and efficiency that is expected. It allows you to establish positive relationships with fellow staff members, enabling effective teamwork and job satisfaction.


Greater levels of personal and professional fulfillment are guaranteed when you know your niche as a nanny. Not sure where to start when it comes to knowing your ‘nanny niche’? Start by thinking about which parts of your job bring you joy. What are the parts that fill your heart with happiness that you can’t put a price on? Start there and all will be revealed.


In this day and age there are countless ways to enhance your CV through professional development. Whether it’s through studying online courses, attending conferences or continued education; a dedication to continuous professional development sets you apart from the competition. As a private household professional meeting the needs of VIP clients, keeping current keeps you top tier as a candidate.


Shows Passion for your Field

As recruiters we love seeing CV’s that stack up on all levels. This means we love to see a steady career progression, consistent employment and lots of professional development. When we see an experienced Butler for example, who has enrolled on various courses to develop both personally and professionally, it’s an instant big tick. Showing enthusiasm to invest in yourself and your career signals to an employer that this is your passion and your priority. It shows that you want to be the best you can be, to fulfill your potential and that you’ll jump at any opportunity that furthers your development. This kind of passion and enthusiasm is infectious and boosts your employability tenfold.


Highlights a Growth Mindset

To thrive in the VIP household staffing industry a growth mindset is essential and gets you the type of positions that you’ve dreamt of your whole career. Having a growth mindset means you’re always ready to go to the next level, to live outside your comfort zone and to embrace new challenges. Say a client is looking for an exceptional tutor for their child, they will see a Masters in Education, with attendance of various conferences as something which makes this candidate a valuable asset to their team. Candidates with a growth mindset have a passion for learning, a solid sense of self-belief and discipline with the confidence to accept exciting new challenges. If you’re ambitious and determined to get to the top of the VIP household sector cultivating a growth mindset is a must.

Establishes you as an Expert

Dedicating time and energy to professional development naturally means that you acquire knowledge and insights which raise the bar when it comes to standards. Success in the high caliber private staffing industry is determined by your eagerness to raise the bar and implement what you have learnt within your setting. Positioning yourself as a strategic thinker who can execute strategies which strengthen team morale and job satisfaction will earn you great levels of respect amongst both your colleagues and employers. Through continuous professional development you become a trusted mentor to other household staff and show what it takes to be a genuine leader.


A Safe Bet

As recruiters, when we receive a CV which details extensive professional development we feel reassured and confident in the candidates ability to deliver an excellent client experience. It’s one thing to talk the talk, but a CV jam packed with professional development affirms that you can walk the walk. Candidates with extensive professional development accomplishments tend to be excellent to work with, without any drama or need to be managed. These creme de la creme candidates know the standard that VIP clients expect and this radiates from every aspect of their application.

So there’s our roundup of why professional development gives your CV an edge. We hope that this blog post has been useful for you on your path to fulfilling your potential within the VIP private household staffing industry!


As a well established private household staffing agency we receive so many CV’s from talented candidates around the world. Presenting a flawless CV is the first step in standing out as an exceptional candidate in a competitive industry. However the way you represent yourself throughout the registration and placement process has a lasting effect. As recruiters, the key thing we’re alert to when registering new candidates is their attitude and etiquette throughout all communications - whether it’s via email, zoom, whatsapp or phone call.

To break things down we’ve compiled a list of our top five qualities that we look out for when recruiting high caliber household staff.


When a candidate gets in touch to register with us via our registration page there’s instantly a tick next to your name if you offer up as many of the requested documents as possible. This means taking the time to get things right and says a lot about you as an employee too. If you choose to upload the minimum amount of documents and certificates to register, you miss an opportunity to really impress one of our recruiters. If we can see that you have done considerable professional development, achieving additional certificates related to your field, it shows that you are passionate, committed and dedicated to your career.


Showing a courteous attitude throughout all communications creates a lasting impression and signals to a recruiter that you are professional and refined. A bolshy, pushy attitude instantly repels recruiters and would likely damage your chances of being put forward for roles. The word ‘polite’ is synonymous with VIP standards - respectful, well mannered and discreet. How you conduct yourself during the registration process sets the tone and offers an opportunity to set yourself apart from other applicants.



When it comes to recruiting high caliber household staff, things can move very quickly when the client is presented with an applicant who they’re both impressed with and keen to interview. Working in a VIP/UHNW private household environment requires maximum flexibility and an eagerness to meet, and furthermore exceed, the clients’ expectations. An efficient attitude should shine through from the initial stages of the registration process, right through to being flexible regarding interview times and within all aspects of your placement.


When applying for roles it’s important to really think things through before registering your interest. Working in a VIP/UHNW environment, whilst paying exceptionally well, requires a lot of personal sacrifices in order to really excel in the role. Think carefully about whether this extraordinary way of life is for you - whether it fills you with both personal fulfillment and satisfaction. If it’s a yes, great - we can absolutely help you thrive in your career. When a candidate is ‘all in’ it shows - they’re eager to proceed to the next stage and their mindsets are focused on their passion for the work they do. As a recruiter this enthusiasm creates a synergy which leads to successful placements and happy people!


An underrated quality which simply put, makes you more likable as both a candidate and employee. Modesty exudes class and nobody likes someone who is full of their own importance. Remember that no matter how many super rich clients you’ve worked with previously or how highly educated you may be - a humble and gracious attitude keeps you grounded and gracious. So yes, know your worth and be confident in your abilities but remember that staff are there to serve, not to be in the spotlight.


We hope that this blog post has been useful for you! We’d love to know your key takeaways - email us or tag us on socials!



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